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Benefits of Single-Tooth Dental Implants

April 29, 2019 | By Dr. Vaibhavi S. Patel | Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants Almost everyone will lose at least one adult tooth by the time they are a senior. Many might think that this is only a cosmetic issue, but failing to replace a missing or extracted tooth can result in a myriad of other issues. For patients who have recently lost a tooth or will need to have a tooth extracted in the near future, single-tooth dental implants are one of the most effective

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Figure out the Best Way to Tackle Your Missing Teeth Problem!

on March 12, 2019 | By Dr. Vaibhavi S. Patel | Crowns & Bridges, Dentures,Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants Imagine not being able to eat your favorite food like a juicy steak or crunchy apple because you are missing a tooth. Or imagine not getting that dream job because your confidence is hindered by a smile with missing teeth. Unfortunately, missing teeth problems like these impact more adults than you might think! According to the American Dental Association, the average adult has three or more missing teeth

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Benefits of Wearing Sports Mouthguards

Dr. Vaibhavi S. Patel  With back to school fast approaching and our kids starting after school activities or fall sports, this week we are going to talk about a very important piece of sportswear that can protect their teeth… a sports guard! Whether they are playing sports at a professional level, high school, little league or even just an organized activity, a sports guard should always be a part of the equipment and to be worn if there is any

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Dental Hygiene and Dialysis: Why Checkups Are Important

Dr.vaibhavi S.patel   Everyday life is already a struggle for people living with kidney disease and dialysis treatments. The fact that gum disease and dental hygiene issues are both a contributing factor to and a side effect of severe kidney problems is almost cruel. Although their teeth would seem to be the least of their problems, dialysis patients cannot overlook the importance of good dental hygiene, regular checkups, and a coordinated effort to maintain teeth and gums while not interfering

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Trouble Eating with Partials? Try These 5 Tricks

Dr. Vaibhavi S. Patel Partial dentures offer people a practical way to fill gaps in their smiles and enjoy meals with a fully functional set of teeth. Wait a second: Enjoy meals? Many wearers of partials struggle with eating. Perhaps they have experienced dislodging of the partials during a meal, or small food particles have gotten caught underneath the denture and created discomfort and pain. Partials become incredibly inconvenient if eating is difficult. However, partial wearers do not need to

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Want to Close That Gap In Your Teeth? You Don’t Need Braces!

Dr. Vaibhavi S. Patel  David Letterman. Samuel L. Jackson. Madonna. Lauren Hutton. Michael Strahan. These celebrities have noticeable gaps in their teeth and are fine with the imperfection in their smiles. They generally are also the exception—many people with gaps are uncomfortable with their teeth and may even resist smiling so others don’t see what’s missing. This self-consciousness is understandable, but some won’t take steps to fix what they perceive as a shortcoming because of the first solution that comes

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