Have you ever caught yourself asking whether or not you really need to have a particular dental treatment completed? Perhaps you have questions about your dental needs, or want a second opinion after having treatment diagnosed at another dental office.If that’s the case, we welcome you to schedule a free, no-hassle consultation visit with Dr. Patel at VSP Dental.

A Second Opinion, No-Questions Asked!

Whether you’re facing a specific problem, such as a toothache or concern about the appearance of a tooth, or if you need a 2nd opinion about the care of your entire mouth, we can help. At these appointments we will:

Take necessary digital X-rays free of charge
Provide a private one-on-one consultation with Dr. Patel
Discuss your concerns and expectations about your oral care
Advise you what different treatment options are available
Present you with a straight-forward treatment plan
Discuss financing options

Our free consultations can save you money, especially if you’ve been putting off your dental care or just want to be assured that what the last dentist told you is what you really need.

Once you arrive at VSP Dental, we’ll have you sign a health history and privacy form so that we can discuss your oral health as it relates to your overall health factors. One of our team members will escort you to a private clinical area and take complementary X-rays of any specific teeth that you are concerned about. Since the films are digital, you can easily see what we see, on our in-room monitors. We feel this increases our patient communication and helps patients better understand the health of their teeth!

Dr. Patel will then conduct a limited exam on your area of concern, or a general exam if needed. We’ll then review the prognosis of your mouth and suggest what types of treatment would be most appropriate should you have a need for it. Once you and Dr.Patel decide which type of treatment is best for you, we’ll customize a care plan and offer financing options so that you can know exactly what to expect.


VSP has been great in resolving all of my dental problems, and I can confidently say that I feel much better about my smile than when I first walked into their office about a year ago. I cannot say enough about the staff at VSP either. They are simply wonderful.

- Anonymous

Kiana is doing wonderfully well. It really impressed me when she exited the office. She was so happy. She told me it didn’t hurt. She was very please with the outcome and so was I. Thanks Dr. Patel, and thanks to all that work with you for making this day a wonderful experience for her.

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