Professional Fluoride Treatments Reduce Tooth Decay

Give your teeth a suit of armor with fluoride treatments!

Fluoride treatments strengthen your teeth to prevent future decay.

Why get a fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatments:

  • Remineralizes weak enamel
  • Deters tooth decay
  • Helps mild to moderate tooth sensitivity

How does fluoride work?

Fluoride works by placing minerals inside the pores of your teeth, encouraging them to calcify and crystalize in those places. This makes your teeth harder, stronger, and more resistant to decay.

We offer fluoride treatments at every cleaning

After your teeth are professionally cleaned is the perfect time to apply fluoride to your teeth. With all the plaque, tartar and biofilm removed from your teeth, fluoride is more easily soaked into the pores of your teeth.

Prescription fluoride for at-home use

Prescription-strength fluoride treatments work much like in-office treatments, but at a slightly lower dosage. We can prescribe at-home fluoride for you that is much more effective that OTC rinses.

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