Say Goodbye to “gummy” Smiles

Get More “smile” in Your Smile With Gingival Recontouring!

If your teeth look too short or your smile looks “too gummy,” gingival recontouring can fix that!

What is gingival recontouring?

Gingival recontouring removes excess gum tissue so your teeth appear larger and more evenly sized. It can also reduce the appearance of “bulky” gums.

Benefits of gingival recontouring

  • A better looking smile
  • It’s easier to take care of your teeth and prevent decay without excess gum tissue
  • More-exposed teeth take treatment more easily. For example, a short tooth cannot support a crown and would need to be pulled or replaced. After gingival recontouring, the same tooth could be repaired with a less-invasive crown.

The Process

We use a soft tissue laser for gingival recontouring. It’s a relatively quick and pain-free process – most patients don’t even require local anesthesia during treatment. Adjusting the gumline across the front teeth only takes a few minutes.

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