Space Maintainers Protect Your Child’s Natural Tooth Spacing

Protect your child’s future smile with space maintainers

When your child loses a baby tooth before its time, such as through an accident or decay, the remaining baby teeth will migrate over to fill the gap. This can cause your child’s permanent teeth to come in crooked or even become impacted.

Space maintainers (sometimes called “band and loop” appliances) fill the spot of the missing baby tooth to keep the other teeth in their rightful spots – preventing dental issues as your child grows.

How a space maintainer works

An orthodontic space maintainer is a temporary appliance that is worn in the area of a missing tooth. The maintainer uses metal bands that loop around the teeth on either side of the gap, keeping them in place. The maintainer is easily removed as soon as the adult tooth begins to erupt.

Simple, easy and painless

Getting a space maintainer is simple and completely painless. The band is simply slipped over your child’s teeth and bonded into place. Your child will still be able to talk and eat normally.

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