In-house Tooth Extraction Treatments

In-house tooth extractions maximize convenience

As a VSP Dental patient, you won’t have to fuss with finding a specialist when you need an extraction. We can take care of your extraction right here in our office.

We offer:

  • Simple Extractions
  • Partial Bony Extractions
  • Surgical Extractions

Comfort comes first

Our patients have told us loud and clear – comfort is their first priority! So that means it’s ours too. At VSP Dental we make sure that you are comfortable before, during, and after your extraction procedure. This includes walking you through every step of the tooth extraction, as well as the use of local anesthetics.

We beat specialists’ prices for extraction

Most dentists don’t offer in-house extraction, so their patients end up paying a lot more to have a specialist extract their teeth.

We offer tooth extraction for far less than you would pay at a specialist. At VSP Dental, we have the skill and techniques available to offer these services in our general care office, keeping treatment fees down.

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