So real, no one will know you have a dental implant - Including you!

dental implant looks, feels and functions just like your own natural teeth. You don’t have to live with the embarrassment of missing teeth – get them replaced with dental implants! Dental implants have helped hundreds and thousands of people, and with proper care, implants can last a lifetime. Whether you’re missing a single tooth or need a complete set of teeth, talk with us about the benefits of dental implants can offer.

What is a dental implant?

dental implant is a permanent replacement for missing teeth, with a look and feel that’s very close to your natural teeth. Implants are metal posts or frames surgically placed into the bone beneath your gums. The implants fuse with the jawbone providing stable support to artificial teeth, preventing individual teeth, bridges or dentures from shifting in your mouth. they are a high-tech way to replace missing teeth, and offer more stability than traditional bridgework since they do not rely on neighboring teeth for support.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are titanium rods placed inside of or just on top of your jawbone to take the place of the missing root (and prevent bone loss). Your replacement tooth or bridge is then attached to the implant.

Your bone and gum grow around the implant just like they would a tooth, making the implant virtually undetectable to anyone but your dentist.

Is getting dental implants painful?

No. We make sure you are comfortable with the proper numbing medications. After your procedure, we’ll send you home with a prescription for pain medicine if you need it.

You’re never too old for implants!

We’ve heard of patients in their 90’s having great success with new dental implants.

How long do implants last?

With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime! That’s a great advantage over dentures, which can have a lifespan of as little as 5 years.

Additional benefits to implant dentistry: 

Since dental implants do not require support from adjacent teeth, they strengthen your jawbone, preventing bone loss and keeping the structural balance of your face. Patients who receive dental implants will not often experience increased tooth decay, gum disease, or tooth sensitivity-as is sometimes the case with other teeth replacements. Dental implants have a success rate of 95 to 98% and are a permanent solution to replacing teeth. Dental implants can be used to secure dentures or partials, which gives you the benefits of implants and dentures, especially if you need to replace several or all of your teeth. With consistent oral hygiene, regular checkups, and good follow up care, teeth whitening, your implant enhanced smile will last a lifetime.

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